Entrepreneurial Tales

Tales is a series of interviews where Åbo Akademi related entrepreneurs share their stories. If you want to know more about the business or ask an entrepreneur for guidance or help don't hesitate to contact them. All of the featured entrepreneurs are willing to help.

Meaningless Productions - Oliwer Bäcklund
Meaningless Productions is a production company founded in 2013. The company specializes in media production and was e.g. part in the production of Åbo Akademi's jubilee video. Oliwer tells that the company name, Meaningless Productions, originates from the 9th grade when he and his two friends (later founders) made their first video part of a project week organised by their school. Oliwer thinks that it's good to start a business at a young age when you have a lot of time to make mistakes!

TAAGI Clothing - Niki Engblom

TAAGI Clothing is a fashion brand from Turku producing high quality clothes. Taagi is a slang word from Helsinki and means "a positive expression of something". The boys behind TAAGI have always been interested in fashion and decided to start their own fashion brand a few years ago. Niki thinks it's as an entrepreneur important to have a fighting spirit and a right attitude! 

Kashmi Dance Company- Karin Eklund

Kashmi Dance Company (KDC) is a dance school located in Turku and Parainen. Karin has a strong background in dancing and has e.g. been studying dancing in London. Karin has been dancing all her life and decided to establish her own dance company a few years ago. Today KDC has hundreds of active dancers in the Turku region. Karin thinks that passion is the key to success!

Room 22 - Fredrik Bäckman
Fredrik is a video producer and founder of his own producing company Room 22. Fredrik has a background in biochemics but has always been interested in directing and editing movies. He decided to start his own producing company when he realised that he doesn't need loads of money in order to get started. He hasn't regretted his decision!