Startup! (10 sp)

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Objectives and contents:
Students in multidisciplinary teams will start up a new business venture during the spring semester. The business will operate in real markets in close communication with potential customers and other stakeholders. Course comprises team course meetings, business model generation and validation, development of a product/service, marketing, trade fairs and written reports. The course meetings cover exercises, group discussions, pitching, and information sharing as well as guest entrepreneurs.

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Course language: Finnish, in your teams you can use your preferred language

Learning Outcomes: After attending the course the students will have gained entrepreneurship experience through testing and enhancing in practice their skills and knowledge in forming, assessing and seizing new business opportunities. The target of the course is to provide the students with hands-on experiences in creating business ideas, testing business models and starting new businesses. In addition, during the course the students will train their team work, project management and communication skills. 

General competences: Discussed during the course

Education forms: Workshops, pitching events, individual and team assignments, individual project report

Examination forms:

1. Course meetings, 11 times (20% weight)
2. Business model generation and validation (20% weight)
3. Product/service or demo version and preliminary testing (20% weight)
4. Marketing/communication (social media, press release, pitching) (15% weight)
5. Trade fair, 2 times (15% weight)
6. Written annual report and written self-assessment (10% weight)  

When: P3-P4, 2020

Application: Through Peppi  (course code: 305085.0)