Presenting Startup Åbo

Hi! In this blog post I will shortly describe what Startup Åbo is and what we are doing.

Startup Åbo is Åbo Akademi's entrepreneurship community serving students, researchers and teachers. I think that Åbo Akademi as an university should bring out entrepreneurship more and offer students, researchers and teachers support when it comes to entrepreneurial aspects.

One big aim is to build a supportive network and an easy path for students to move from the idea phase to actually create a product or a service for the market. The problem we are facing at the moment is that too many ideas stay in the students' heads and are not put into practice. Many researchers are facing similar challenges, a great research is done but how to utilize it in a business context? Turku is a great city for ideas and startups to flourish and many existing organisations are doing a great work supporting teams and individuals from idea to business. One of my most important tasks at the moment is to tighten the relationship between Åbo Akademi and existing supportive organisations, such as Boost Turku.

We are not forgetting the teachers. By offering teachers support, such as entrepreneurial methods and cases, that easily can be implemented into existing courses we can offer students more entrepreneurial friendly education. At the moment we are crating a "teacher platform" where different supportive entrepreneurial materials are being published.

Startup Åbo is an outcome from the YTYÄ project. The project aims to strengthen students skills regarding work and entrepreneurship. The project is founded on research activities and on tested methods, as well as on their constant development. As a result the gap between the working life and the studies becomes smaller and the bond between research and teaching strengthens.

The YTYÄ project is linked to objectives in the government programme. The programme aims to reform education by taking into consideration the needs of the working life and by bringing universities and the working life closer together.

I believe entrepreneurship is a way for self-expression and that an entrepreneurial mindset favors you through your whole life. PS. Come and say hello to ASA B320