Online course: Entrepreneurial teaching and learning (1 ECTS)

Are you interested in planning and developing your courses to become more entrepreneurial? This online pilot course is for you!

As part of the national Ministry of Education and Culture funded UNIPS-project, a pilot course "Entrepreneurial Teaching and Learning" will be organized by LUT University.

The purpose of this course is to guide you how to plan and develop your courses to become more entrepreneurial. This course is aimed for university teachers, doctoral students, and all the academic personnel with teaching duties and interest in teaching and learning.

Taking this module gives you competencies to:

•          Identify the elements of entrepreneurial pedagogy.

•          Analyze your course or program by using the framework of entrepreneurial learning.

•          Interpret how entrepreneurial learning could reflect your work.

•          Modify your teaching by using the elements of entrepreneurial pedagogy

Please enroll by 28 February 2019 via the link:

More information on the course:

Contact persons at Åbo Akademi: Anna-Greta Nyström, Tove Forslund