Let's innovate (5sp)

Objectives and contents: The course Let’s innovate is a part of the Junior Achievement (JA) programme (in Finnish Nuori Yrittäjyys ry, in Swedish Ung Företagsamhet r.f.) and organised in cooperation with the universities in Turku. Students work in teams with challenges from various fields. Each student team works with either a client firm in creating future and innovative ideas and strategies or by creating, testing and validation an own idea or innovation. JA Let’s innovate grows future leaders and innovators, focusing on future-oriented organisational strategies. Besides learning and experiencing innovation processes, students learn project management, multidisciplinary teamwork and directness. Applying and adjusting theoretical thinking to practical cases and current problems is the core of JA Let’s innovate.

Course home page: vuosiyrittajana.fi , Facebook group

Course language: English

Learning outcomes: After the course, the participant

  • is able to execute innovation projects using tools and knowledge from various fields and disciplines

  • is able to apply innovation tools and methods to create and develop an idea, to test and validate the idea and collecting feedback about the idea from the target group

  • is able to make decision based on incomplete information and to deal with uncertainty

  • is able to create strategies for systematic decision making and to plan and lead an innovation process

  • is able to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams

  • is able to communicate how to innovate and integrate innovation strategy in organisations, both orally and in written

  • has developed his/her identity towards becoming a developer and innovator and developed his/her courage to interact with the target market

General competences: Discussed during the course

Education forms: workshops, individual assignments, fieldwork, team assignments

Examination forms: active participation, team assignments, individual assignments, planning, executing, validation and presentation of an innovation (process), according to the following rough estimation: workshops (38h), individual work (34h), team work (40h), field work (18h)

Course date: 16.09.2019 - 06.12.2019

Application: Through Peppi, course code: 305083.0

Maximum amount of participants: 40