Entrepreneurship is important

The market and the jobs are changing. After graduating you are likely to work with projects and in tasks where entrepreneurial skills are needed. This means that new skills and mindsets needs to be learnt.

By taking courses with entrepreneurial elements you gain valuable skills and competences for your working life. You also learn skills that are crucial if you one day choose to establish your own company.

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On this site we present different entrepreneurial courses and opportunities that you can receive study points from.

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       Project Course: Bark Japan

The Entrepreneurship Module (20 ECTS)

The Entrepreneurship Module is a new course setting consisting of five courses. The courses are yours to pick the next academic year (2018/2019).

The entrepreneurship module is all about finding your own creative side and the ability of producing ideas. Entrepreneurship is about having an open mindset and an entrepreneurial attitude to be able to handle different development processes in different circumstances: in big and small companies, in startups and in multicultural international companies. The module is not aiming for students to establish their own companies, but it's not excluded. The module is rather about testing different tools for creating, validating and developing ideas to full-scale solutions. You will develop your business thinking abilities and learn how to deal with processes related to business. The module gives you competences in understanding the entrepreneurial spirit and creating innovations, as well as enhances the ability to create and develop new business models and strategies. This expertise can be used in your own company or as an employee in an existing company. The module also contains an theoretical entrepreneurial introduction.

The courses are following these themes:

  • Entrepreneurship in society

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Business development

  • Project organisation and leading

The courses in the module are:

Other programmes:

Get study credits for activities that enhance your entrepreneurial competences!


Activities enhancing and developing your entrepreneurial competences, at the university or in other contexts such as entrepreneurship societies, can be accepted as a course and converted to credits.


If you plan to engage in such activities and they clearly contribute to your degree education, please contact Charlotta Wendelin 

(charlotta.wendelin@abo.fi) in advance to discuss the possibility of receiving credits for them. The course can then be included in the Entrepreneurship Module or as a eligible course. In order to get the course accepted as part of your major/minor subject, please contact your student coordinator or the examinator of the major/minor in question.

Entrepreneurial courses in another universities

Did you know that as a student at Åbo Akademi you can also study entrepreneurial courses elsewhere, in other universities. All Finnish universities are part of the Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO), flexible studies are free of charge for the students. To be able to study at another university students need to fill in an application form and through the electronic flexible study rights application system.

Flexible Study Rights instructions for Åbo Akademi students.

Earn while studying


Are you interested in earning while studying and gather valuable experience from your own field? Every student possess a lot of knowledge, passion and skills ready to get utilized. We help you to create a small business and to set up a "toiminimi". We also help you in getting your first paying customers.

  • build a service

  • test and validate your service

  • create a prototype

  • establish a "toiminimi"

  • get paying customers

We'll guide you through the entrepreneurial services Turku has to offer, offer you professional consultation, introduce you to networks and help you with all kind of issues.


Establish a startup/company

Are you driven and have a great idea that you would like to concretize? Now it's time to roll up the sleeves and start working - we are here to help you.

  • test and validate your idea

  • create a prototype

  • find a team

  • establish a company

  • get your first paying customer

  • pitch and get funding

We'll guide you through the entrepreneurial services Turku has to offer, offer you professional consultation, introduce you to networks and help you with all kind of issues. Check out these 5 points in how to start a startup.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



We provide mentoring for startups in different phases, the mentoring process is based on your startup's needs. We help you to move forward and to find the right track.

These are factors you might need mentoring with:

  • Creating a prototype

  • Validating a prototype

  • Finding a co-founder

  • Funding

  • Networking

  • Launching

  • Marketing

  • Recruitment

  • Pivoting


Let's grab a coffee and discuss your current situation, let's make things happen!


Matti Tarmio



Get funding

Boost your idea or business!

There are several ways to get funding for your idea or already running business. Depending on the business and the stage your company is in the funding procedure naturally varies. On this site we have collected information about different ways to get funding. Pitching is crucial when fundraising, check out these tips on how to make a perfect pitch deck.


Friends, family and fools. It's usually crucial to get early stage funding to be able to build a prototype and launch first operations. Venture capitalist are usually not keen on investing in early stage companies and therefore FFF might come in handy if you don't have own capital to invest. FFF are likely to believe in you, because they know you and your ambitions. Here are some practices to help you seek funding from friends, family and fools.

Business Finland

Business Finland (former TEKES) is a public funding agency. If you have an established company and have intentions to go international Business Finland funding might be for you. Business Finland also grants funding for research and development.


Finnish Business Angels Network. FiBAN is a group of private investors who provides capital for growth companies. FiBAN has over 640 business angel members. All FiBAN services for startups are free of charge.


A state-owned financing company offering loans, domestic guarantees, venture capital investments, export credit guarantees and other services linked to financing of exports.

Monttu Ventures

Monttu Ventuers is a venture firm funding startups and companies originating from Turku’s universities. This might be something for you!


Attend hackathons, pitching and innovation competitions and compete for the grand prizes. Competitions are also good opportunities to develop your idea and to pitch it to an audience. There are several competitions held yearly in the Turku region, look at our events calendar and Facebook page to receive the latest news.

Arbetserfarenhet genom frivilligt arbete i Företagsbyn

This opportunity is only for students who talk Swedish or Finnish. For Finnish instructions scroll down.


Skulle du vilja få arbetserfarenhet genom att frivilligt handleda sjätteklassister i Företagsbyn med teman som arbetsliv, samhälle, företagsamhet och ekonomi?

Företagsbyn för Lågstadiet är en lärandehelhet för sjätteklassister som koordineras av Ekonomiska Informationsbyrån TAT. Företagsbyn för Lågstadiet är ett miniatyrsamhälle där eleverna fungerar som arbetstagare, medborgare och konsumenter. Utöver Företagsbyns egen personal fungerar studeranden från regionala läroanstalter och högskolor som handledare till eleverna. Under varje Företagsby-dag fungerar ca 8-17 studerande som handledare till sjätteklassisterna. Studeranden får under dagen hjälpa eleverna och bekanta sig med Företagsbyns verksamhet. Skulle du vilja vara en del av Företagsby Egentliga Finlands verksamhet under läsåret 2018-2019?

Som handledare får du

* arbetslivsfärdigheter

* erfarenhet av företagsamhetsfostran

* erfarenhet av att handleda barn

* tolerans av osäkerhet

* interaktionsfärdigheter

* arbetsintyg



Företagsby-dagarna kan ses och bokas på .

Vi arrangerar en utbildning för alla som anmält sig som handledare. I skolningen går vi mer detaljerat igenom bl.a. Företagsbyns verksamhet och handledningsdagens gång. Observera att anmälningen till utbildningen och Företagsby -dagen är obligatorisk och eventuella frånvaron måste meddelas omedelbart. Jag svarar gärna på frågor (paivi.pihlajamaki@tat.fi)


För mera information kan du besöka https://yrityskyla.fi/sv/

Hoppas vi ses i Företagsbyn!


Haluaisitko työkokemusta ohjaamalla vapaaehtoisena Yrityskylässä kuudesluokkalaisia oppilaita työelämän, yhteiskunnan, yritteliäisyyden ja talouden teemoihin liittyen?


Yrityskylä Alakoulu on peruskoulun kuudensille luokille oppimiskokonaisuus, jonka toimintaa koordinoi Taloudellinen tiedotustoimisto TAT. Yrityskylä Alakoulussa eli kuudesluokkalaisille suunnatussa Yrityskylässä toimii Yrityskylän oman henkilökunnan lisäksi myös alueellisista oppilaitoksista ja korkeakouluista tulevia opiskelijoita oppilaiden ohjaajina. Haluaisitko sinä olla osa Yrityskylä Varsinais-Suomen toimintaa lukuvuonna 2018–2019?

Jokaisessa Yrityskylä-päivässä kuudesluokkalaisten tukena on noin 8−17 opiskelijaa. Opiskelijat pääsevät ohjaamaan oppilaita Yrityskylä-päivän aikana sekä tutustumaan samalla Yrityskylän toimintaan.


Ohjaajana saat

* työelämätaitoja

* kokemusta yrittäjyyskasvatuksesta

* kokemusta lasten ohjaamisesta

* epävarmuudensietokykyä

* vuorovaikutustaitoja

* työtodistuksen.



Kevään 2019 Yrityskylän vapaaehtoisohjaamispäiviä pääsee tarkastelemaan ja varaamaan osoitteessa:https://www.lyyti.in/handledningsdagariforetagsbyn_varen2019. Kyseessä on varaus ruotsinkieliseen toimintaamme. Jos haluat mukaan suomenkielisiin päiviimme, laitathan sähköpostia osoitteeseen paivi.pihlajamaki@tat.fi

Järjestämme kaikille ohjaajiksi ilmoittautuville opiskelijoille koulutuksen. Koulutuksessa kerromme tarkemmin muun muassa Yrityskylän toiminnasta sekä ohjaamispäivien kulusta. Huomaathan, että ilmoittautuminen sekä koulutukseen että Yrityskylä-päivään on sitova ja mahdollisista poissaoloista tulee ilmoittaa heti esteen sattuessa. Vastaan mielelläni myös mahdollisiin lisäkysymyksiinne!


Toivottavasti nähdään Yrityskylässä!

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