Interested in learning more about how to implement entreprenurship or support the development of the students' entrepreneurial mindset in your teaching?

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Learning events at Åbo Akademi University

ÅAU is organizing seminars and events on entrepreneurship education in cooperation with The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät ry.), starting in February 2019.

1.2.2019 Företagande och framtidens arbetslivskunskaper (9-12, ASA-building)

15.3.2019 Företagarpedagogik vid universitetet (9-16, ASA-building)

13.5.2019 Seminar "Critical perspectives on entrepreneurship in higher education" (12.15-15.30)

13-14.5.2019 Workshops on "Entrepreneurship in higher education"

Learning events in cooperation with University of Turku

Åbo Akademi Univeristy co-operates with University of Turku, the entrepreneurial university. ÅAU faculty may participate in events, seminars and workshops for teachers on developing  and integrating entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities in higher education. ÅAU covers costs for participation for its faculty.

The following courses and events at UTU are available to the ÅAU faculty:

Other events and courses in entrepreneurship

During 2018-2019 the concept Hack my Course was developed and piloted. Hack my COurse was supported by the Study in Turku project and the national spearhead project YTYÄ (2017-2019), funded by the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education.

Also, teachers at Åbo Akademi University had the opportunity to participate in another spearhead project (Ministry of Culture and Education) during Spring 2019, UNIPS. The pilot version of the 1 ECTS course Entrepreneurial teaching and learning was available to teachers at ÅAU and UTU.