On this site we present different entrepreneurial courses and opportunities that you can receive study points from.

The Entrepreneurship Module (20 ECTS)

The Entrepreneurship Module is a new course setting consisting of five courses. The courses are yours to pick the next academic year (2018/2019).

The entrepreneurship module is all about finding your own creative side and the ability of producing ideas. Entrepreneurship is about having an open mindset and an entrepreneurial attitude to be able to handle different development processes in different circumstances: in big and small companies, in startups and in multicultural international companies. The module is not aiming for students to establish their own companies, but it's not excluded. The module is rather about testing different tools for creating, validating and developing ideas to full-scale solutions. You will develop your business thinking abilities and learn how to deal with processes related to business. The module gives you competences in understanding the entrepreneurial spirit and creating innovations, as well as enhances the ability to create and develop new business models and strategies. This expertise can be used in your own company or as an employee in an existing company. The module also contains an theoretical entrepreneurial introduction.

The courses are following these themes:

  • Entrepreneurship in society 

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Business development

  • Project organisation and leading

The courses in the module are: 

Other programmes:


Get study credits for activities that enhance your entrepreneurial competences!


Activities enhancing and developing your entrepreneurial competences, at the university or in other contexts such as entrepreneurship societies, can be accepted as a course and converted to credits.


If you plan to engage in such activities and they clearly contribute to your degree education, please contact Matti Tarmio ( in advance to discuss the possibility of receiving credits for them. The course can then be included in the Entrepreneurship Module or as a eligible course. In order to get the course accepted as part of your major/minor subject, please contact your student coordinator or the examinator of the major/minor in question.

Entrepreneurial courses in another universities

Did you know that as a student at Åbo Akademi you can also study entrepreneurial courses elsewhere, in other universities. All Finnish universities are part of the Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO), flexible studies are free of charge for the students. To be able to study at another university students need to fill in an application form and through the electronic flexible study rights application system.

Flexible Study Rights instructions for Åbo Akademi students.