Ken Singer

UC Berkeley

Ken Singer is a serial entrepreneur, technology executive, university lecturer, and director/advisor to numerous startups in the US and Europe. A 15-year veteran of the mobile industry (enterprise software and digital advertising), he has founded or co-founded five companies in the mobility space. Ken’s experience spans all forms of mobile technology from mobile video advertising to downloadable mobile apps; from Bluetooth to HTML5, GPS, SMS, IVR, NFC and he has served as a guinea pig for virtually every other acronym in the industry.

Joonas Mikkilä

Suomen Yrittäjät - The Federation

of Finnish Enterprises

Joonas is an experienced NGO and advocacy professional currently pursuing a more entrepreneurial and future-proof Finland with a specific focus on digital and educational affairs and public policies.

Ulla Hytti

University of Turku

Research Director Ulla Hytti has over 20 years of experience from teaching and researching entrepreneurship. Ulla is currently the head of entrepreneurship subject at Turku School of Economics within the University of Turku. She is particularly interested in the ways entrepreneurship is being introduced, negotiated and accepted at universities. Ulla is active in editorial positions for entrepreneurship journals and books, and leading academic research project linked to the topic. Ulla is also the European Entrepreneurship Education Award Laureate in 2019.

Ina Laakso

Åbo Akademi University

The panel discussion is moderated by Ina Laakso. Ina is a masters student in theology at Åbo Akademi University. Ina has been the chairperson of the board at the Student Union at Åbo Akademi University (2018). Currently she is a student representative in different organs at the university, for example in the university strategy workgroup. She is a student rights advocate and is both interested in developing organisations and event production.

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