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Augusti 26, 2019

Som vi har väntat, äntligen är vi i Shanghai! Vi ska jobba för Slush Shanghai som har sitt femte jubileum i år, den 25-26.9. Vi deltar i en projektkurs arrangerad av Startup Åbo, målsättningen är att skapa ett oförglömligt evenemang för 15.000 deltagare. I den...

Tjena bloggen! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Vi är fyra studerande vid Åbo Akademi som har åkt på projektkurs till Tokyo via universitetet. Projektkursen är ett samarbete mellan Åbo Akademi och Slush Tokyo, vi är här för att stödja det lokala Slush teamet med deras arbete de sista veckorna före och under själva evene...

July 16, 2018

The story of a startup called Doerz

No one wants to be a tourist anymore. People are nowadays looking to live like locals, experiencing the culture through the eyes of a local. We are in search of deeper cultural learning and always looking for ways to travel in more sustainable way. The trend is mov...

June 25, 2018


Few weeks ago me and Anna-Greta had the opportunity to visit many legendary and iconic places in the startup and university worlds. Our stay included visits to Berkeley University of California, Stanford University as well as startups and organisations in the Silicon Valley area. In this post...

March 29, 2018

Startup Journey. What are the values and ingredients for a successful accelerator with Boost?

It’s a long hard process to make your startup flourish and we at Boost truly know that. Building a company is not just a never ending cycle of building, learning and measuring your product, but also about de...

March 19, 2018

Maybe it’s a utopia? Some distant goal for an eager lifelong learner? And by the way, why should I care, unless I have a secret dream of becoming an entrepreneur myself?

It may be difficult to convince the skeptic to pay close attention when we start talking about entrepreneurship and building an ent...

February 23, 2018


In this blog post I will shortly describe what Startup Åbo is and what we are doing.

Startup Åbo  is Åbo Akademi's entrepreneurship community serving students, researchers and teachers. I think that Åbo Akademi as an university should bring out entrepreneurship more and offer students, research...

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