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Business Essentials for Scientists (BES) is a course aimed at doctoral students at ÅAU and UTU. 

Come listen to entrepreneurs, researchers and other professionals with first-hand experience in:

  • Working outside the academic sector

  • Selling, and why it is important

  • Pitching (how to present your research/idea) 

  • Starting your own company 

  • Startups

  • Immaterial rights 

  • Management and strategy in business 

The course dates and themes:

  • 8.10. Get Inspired! 

  • 10.10. Presentation skills and field day

  • 15.10. Starting your own company

  • 17.10. Funding and immaterial rights

  • 22.10. Working in academia vs. industry

  • 24.10. Pitching and success stories

The sessions are held in SparkUp (Tykistökatu 4, Turku). Lectures and workshops are between 12:00 and 17:30.We’re serving coffee and snacks during the day. 

Read more about the course here

In order to pass the course, 2 ECTS, attendance in ALL sessions and completing the workshop assignments are required.

Registration opens 15th of August and ends 22nd of September. 
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Welcome to Business Essentials for Scientists 2019, 2 ECTS! 

Contact person: Matti Tarmio -