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Entrepreneurship education highlights skills and ability of students to create and seize opportunities. The higher education institutions in Turku are actively supporting the development of entrepreneurial skills among students, but the endeavor continues. We therefore invite you to our Entrepreneurship Days in Turku 13-15 May, to learn more about and experience entrepreneurship education in practice. Find out about the Berkley method of teaching entrepreneurship, how teachers can design teaching and learning, and what kind of entrepreneurial act warrants an award at the University of Turku, and how entrepreneurship and innovation can spur growth in both startups and individuals.

The Entrepreneurship Days are supported by Study in Turku, Turku Business Region and The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, and co-hosted by Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku.

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Registrations by 9 May.
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Seminar: A Critical View on Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Date: 13 May at 12.00–15.30 

Place: Visitor and Innovation Center Joki, Turku (Lemminkäisenkatu 12B)

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The seminar is intended for those interested in enhancing entrepreneurship in higher education. Join us for an afternoon with examples of innovative ways of teaching and learning entrepreneurial skills and knowledge; the top finalists in the Intoa! Entrepreneurship Award at University of Turku will pitch their achievements. This is followed by a keynote session, where invited speakers introduce us to entrepreneurship education – Ken Singer from UC Berkeley will challenge us with inspiring thoughts on entrepreneurship as a second language, while Joonas Mikkilä from The Federation of Finnish Enterprises will walk us through the development stages of entrepreneurship education, guiding us right into the future. These gentlemen will be accompanied by Research Director Ulla Hytti in a panel discussion, moderated by Ina Laakso, former chairperson of the Student Union at Åbo Akademi University.


Warmly welcome to a day of Entrepreneurship Education!

Program of the seminar

12.00 Welcoming words

Award ceremony of the Intoa! Entrepreneurial Act of the Year Award at the University of Turku

Introduction to the award, Riitta Mustonen, Director of Development, University of Turku

Pitching by the finalists of the competition

Supporter of the award in 2018-2019, Jussi Hakala, CEO, Lieto Savings Bank

Enhancing Entrepreneurship at the University of Turku, Kalervo Väänänen, Rector, University of Turku

Presentation of the award to the winner, Kalle-Antti Suominen, Vice-Rector, University of Turku



13.00 Keynote session

Entrepreneurship as a second language

Ken Singer, UC Berkeley

Entrepreneurship Education 3.0. From the margins to the mainstream?

Joonas Mikkilä, The Federation of Finnish Enterprises


14.00 Panel Discussion on Criticality in Enhancing Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Ken Singer, UC Berkeley

Joonas Mikkilä, The Federation of Finnish Enterprises

Ulla Hytti, University of Turku

The panel discussion is moderated by Ina Laakso, Åbo Akademi University

14.45–15.30 Cocktail/coffee and networking event


Workshops - Berkeley meets Turku

We are welcoming Ken Singer to Turku to share the Berkley Way through unique workshops. Ken is Managing Director at Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, UC Berkeley. Ken is hosting three workshops during his stay in Turku. The workshops are open to all interested in learning about supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership in their organizations. Read more about the workshops, choose a suitable time slot, and register through the link below.

Ken Singer is a serial entrepreneur, technology executive, university lecturer, and director/advisor to numerous startups in the US and Europe. A 15-year veteran of the mobile industry (enterprise software and digital advertising), he has founded or co-founded five companies in the mobility space. Ken’s experience spans all forms of mobile technology from mobile video advertising to downloadable mobile apps; from Bluetooth to HTML5, GPS, SMS, IVR, NFC and he has served as a guinea pig for virtually every other acronym in the industry.


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13 May at 9.00–11.00, Visitor and Innovation Center Joki (Lemminkäisenkatu 12B, Turku)
14 May at 9.00–11.00, SparkUp, Electrocity (Tykistökatu 4, Turku)
14 May at 13.00–15.00, SparkUp, Electrocity (Tykistökatu 4, Turku)

Workshop 1: The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship: The role that Entrepreneurship Education Plays in Shaping the Leaders of the Future (13 May 9.00–11.00)

For 150 years, UC Berkeley has played an important role in educating the academic elite. However, over the past 12 year, the university has turned its focus on preparing its students to innovate. Learn why and how Berkeley has augmented its curriculum to embrace the future.

Workshop 2 & 3: Creating Leaders for the Innovation Economy (14 May 9.00–11.00 or 13.00–15.00)

This workshop will explore the challenges that universities face in preparing students for an uncertain future. With new technologies like AI and automation threatening to destroy the current demand for labor, how will your students respond? Identical workshops are run, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.



Fireside chat with Ken Singer and Teemu Malinen

The Entrepreneurship Days are rounded off with a fireside chat. Ken Singer will sit down with digital multipreneur Teemu Malinen from Sofokus to discuss innovation, startups, and business growth. The event is open for all interested in listening to or participating in an interactive discussion. After the fireside chat, startups have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Ken.

Date: Wednesday 15 May at 8.30–10.30

Place: SparkUp, ElectroCity, Tykistökatu 4B, Turku

Register to the fireside chat by 10 May.


8.30–9.00 Startup Breakfast

9.00–10.00 Fireside Chat with Ken Singer, interviewed by Teemu Malinen

10.30–12.30 One-on-one meetings with Ken Singer

Read more about the event here.

Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Days - Berkeley meets Turku!

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