About us!

Startup Åbo is Åbo Akademi's unit for entrepreneurship. Our aim is to support, serve and encourage students, researchers and teachers in developing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. We believe that by developing these you have a better chance to reach your potential and achieve your goals, no matter what they are.

The market and the jobs are changing in a fast-pace and we need to develop entrepreneurial skills to succeed. The concepts you learn by studying today might be old information when you graduate, you change workplace more often than before and before you turn 40 you have on average changed your occupation twice. New competences are needed in order to succeed.

When we mention entrepreneurial skills and mindsets we mean competences such as teamwork, responsibility, innovation, leadership, self-governing, determination, learning and project competences. When mastering these competences you are much more likely to succeed in your career.

On this platform we have collected useful information for students, teachers and researchers interested in entrepreneurial matters.

Our aim is to improve entrepreneurial education and to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in Åbo Akademi. The campus and the city of Turku is a lucrative setting for students, teachers and researchers to experiment and succeed. We believe that the university is an ideal startup platform combining ambitious and smart people with research, mentors and companies in a multidisciplinary setting.

Meet the team!

Anna-Greta Nyström
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Pedagogical Wizard



Charlotta Wendelin
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Project Manager



Johan Ekblom
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Media Manager



Startup Åbo is an outcome from the YTYÄ project. The project aims to strengthen students skills regarding work and entrepreneurship. The project is founded on research activities and on tested methods, as well as on their constant development. As a result the gap between the working life and the studies becomes smaller and the bond between research and teaching strengthens.

The YTYÄ project is linked to objectives in the government programme. The programme aims to reform education by taking into consideration the needs of the working life and by bringing universities and the working life closer together.

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The following universities took part in the YTYÄ project: