Pushing entrepreneurship within the university

Our aim is to create impact and help students, teachers and researchers to realize their potential. Startup Åbo's aim is to support, serve and encourage students, researchers and teachers in developing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. We believe that by developing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets you have a better chance to reach your potential and achieve your goals, no matter what they are. 

Maybe you have an idea that would change the world, maybe you just want to earn while studying or maybe you are eager to learn more. No matter what Startup Åbo creates transformational action by combining intellectual know-how and real world problems in an entrepreneurial context. 


Welcome on board! 

Startup Åbo is Åbo Akademi University's unit for entrepreneurship serving students, teachers and researchers interested in entrepreneurial activities and mindsets. 

What's in it for me?

For students

After graduating you are likely to work with projects and in tasks where entre- preneurial skills are needed

For teachers

Learn how to implement entrepreneurial elements into the curriculum

For researchers

Learn how to create a business around your research


Attend interesting events in your area and meet like-minded people

Contact us!

Contact us and we will help you fulfill your big or small dreams.

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